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Air Conditioning & Heating
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At Premier Owner Services, we offer a wide range of air conditioning services designed to meet the special needs of our customers along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Air Conditioning units suffer from corrosion in our salt air environment. Whether you’re looking into having a system installed for the first time or just need someone to take care of regular maintenance on your existing system, we have the expertise to get the job done right.
 Troubleshooting and repairs, annual preventative maintenance, or a complete upgraded system, you can trust us to take care of it for you in a timely and professional manner. We offer competitive pricing and guaranteed work.
"I needed two new A/C systems installed in my condo remodels. Doug did a great job and went beyond my expectations with his reliability and service. He can think on his feet and repair anything. I've had him back for several projects. I use Premier Owner Services to inspect my units for me once a month and change the air filters. Preventive care means less cost for me and less time my rentals are out of commission. Great service"!
J. Bishop, Montgomery, AL VRBO Homeowner Sugar Beach Condos
Repair Service
What can go wrong?
As the hardest working appliance you’ll ever own, even the best air conditioning system can be prone to problems over time.  Our Gulf Coastal climate (heat, salt spray in the air, high humidity, storms) mixed with an insufficient maintenance program can cause these common problems:
  1. Outdoor unit does not come on at all
  2. Circuit breaker trips when the unit is turned on
  3. Unit hums but fan doesn’t run
  4. Fan runs, but compressor does not
  5. Fan and compressor runs, but no cool air enters the home
  6. Unit leaks water inside the home
  7. Ice forms on the unit and condenser
  8. Home has warm spots
  9. Unit runs constantly
  10. Home gets dusty when the unit runs
If you are having any of these problems or others, we can help!  Call Premier Owner Services at (251) 923-7038  Ala. License #09053

 "When I arrived late one day at my condo, the air conditioner was not working.  I called Doug at Premier Owner Services.  He repaired the system with a new part and explained what had gone wrong.  I set up a maintenance program for twice a year because you've just got to have AC at the beach!"
Alton Snyder, Meridian, MS  Second Home Owner

Maintenance Services
Why Maintain My System? - Just Take a Look At Your Electric Bill!
An A/C unit is a must to keep a home comfortable, especially at the beach. Without Air Conditioning most of the year, indoor humidity levels create discomfort, as well as, causing mold outbreaks in just a short time.  It can become an emergency situation.  A regular maintenance program can prevent that emergency situation from occuring and give you peace of mind.
Salt air corrodes the electrical components, the coil, and the refrigeration lines of the outside part of your air conditioning system. 
 We are committed to thoroughly inspecting your system and identifying corrosion on these components, then replacing parts before there is a costly failure.  Instead of sweating out the electricity bills that come along with it, routine maintenance can actually help keep costs at a consistently lower level.
Investing in a maintenance service will save you money over time. It will also prolong the life of your system to increase your return on investment.
Schedule Your Professional Maintenance today!  
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When To Replace Your Equipment
  Many of the condos along the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are in desperate need of upgrading their air conditioning systems.  Corrosion and poor maintenance have taken a toll on the condensing units outside.  If your system is no longer providing a comfortable level of cooling and removing humidity from the air, it is probably time for a replacement. 
Any system over 10 years of age is most likely at or near failure.  They last twice as long away from the salt environment. There are many recent upgrades in the energy efficiency of A/C systems and environmental reasons have caused new refrigerants to now be required.  Don't wait until your unit fails and you need a new system in a hurry.  These newer systems have large air handlers and they just won't fit into the small closets in most condos.  Premier Owner Services is also able to remodel your A/C closet space to enlarge it for the new system.  Other companies tell you to find someone to do that remodel. Licensed in Alabama.
  Call us today to discuss how we can serve you!   (251) 923-7038                  EPA Certified

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